Stacey Tokunaga - 3 Common Traits of a Successful Lawyer

Stacey Tokunaga – 3 Common Traits of a Successful Lawyer


Law is a vast subject, and several people search for legal aid when it comes to personal and professional matters. When it comes to choosing the right lawyer, the task is daunting as there are many in an area, and each of them claims to be the best. However, every good lawyer has a set of common, positive personality traits. So, if you need the services of a good lawyer for any reason, make sure the professional has these common personality traits listed below.

Stacey Tokunaga – Good lawyers are dedicated professionals who care about the case as much as you do

Stacey Tokunaga is an esteemed lawyer in the USA and is known for her successful track records when it comes to legal aid and advice. She says that every lawyer has their own unique style and strengths that help clients with legal matters. However, if you are looking for a good lawyer to manage your case, ensure he/she has the following traits-

  1. Good communication skills- Every good lawyer is articulate and good with communication skills. They are good listeners and have the ability to argue convincingly in a court of law. They have excellent public speaking skills and can write persuasively, concisely, and clearly. Lawyers need to take care of the written documents and their filing in a case. This is why you should ensure that the lawyer you choose is well-versed in oral and written skills.
  2. Good judgment- Every lawyer should be able to draw logical conclusions that are reasonable in the case. Even if the information they possess is limited, they should not assume anything on the basis of rumors. They must take the above information critically and anticipate the areas of weakness so that it can be fortified and not pose as a weakness in the case. Likewise, the lawyer should be able to spot the areas of weakness in the argument of the opposing lawyer in the case. It is here that decisiveness should be an integral part of the judgment taken when arguing a case in any court of law. It is to be noted that the lawyer needs to apply this judgment a number of times in the courtroom, and sometimes the time frame for thinking over the matter is short.
  3. Analytic skills- The practice and the study of law means one needs to absorb large amounts of information and break it down into something that can be managed effectively. There are times when there is more than a single conclusion or more than a single precedent that is applicable to a given situation. Every good lawyer evaluates the situation to choose which one is suitable for the progress of the case.

In the opinion of Stacey Tokunaga, every successful lawyer will have these three common personality traits. It is prudent for you to book a consultation with any lawyer first and see whether you are comfortable with him or her. Later, you should check track records and background to understand whether the lawyer you choose is ideal for your case or not!

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