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Romancing even when your job leaves you no time


In today’s world of long work hours and demanding schedules, it is challenging to find quality time for your relationship or marriage. These 9 tips will help you and your mate keep love burning when your job leaves little time for romance:

  1. Take a 15-minute break to call your spouse/mate just to share some laughs. Allot time daily to call your spouse/mate and share a fun, light-hearted conversation. Talk about bills, appointments, children, chores, etc., is off-limits.
  2. Make the “homecoming” irresistible. Upon arrival home, embrace your Honey for 30-seconds. You will be amazed at how well a generous hug melts away stress and fatigue of the work day.
  3. Use email to collaborate schedules and also build-in “together” time. Coordinating schedules by email for mundane things like doctor appointments, home fix-it people, the exterminator, kids carpools, etc., frees up space for “quality” conversation when you are together. Additionally, to ensure time to sustain the quality of your relationship, block out “appointments” just for the two of you to be with each other.
  4. Plan now for the one big thing you’ve been wanting to do together. Murmuring “Honey, we should do thus-and-so” when you’re in bed and half asleep does nothing to enhance your relationship. Stop procrastinating…set a date today and start saving and planning.
  5. Be prepared for rare moments when “free” time arises. When you are together, you may wonder what you should do. Couples typically share casual suggestions day to day (i.e., try a new restaurant, go to a certain movie, take a day trip to an interesting locale) but, when put on the spot, neither person can recall them. Prevent brain cramp: Tape paper next to a home phone and an office phone to write down ideas as they pop up. Then, when an opportunity presents itself, you will have a ready list of options.
  6. Send humorous or romantic cards to the office. Buy a funny or sentimental card, write a personal message, and mail it to your spouse’s/mate’s business address. Or, write and mail a thank-you note to your spouse for a sizzling evening the night before (or to suggest a sizzling evening). If your spouse travels, hide special cards in his/her suitcase.
  7. Tuck a love note in his pocket or her pocketbook. Jot down a few meaningful words on a piece of paper – “Can’t wait to wrap my arms around you tonight”; “What’s for dessert?”; “You make me happy” – and tuck it in a place certain to be discovered during the day. Surprise!
  8. Establish a “tradition” to celebrate the end of the workweek together. Devise a ritual for Fridays after work (or the best day/time for both of you). Examples: Meet up for latt├ęs at a gourmet coffee shop, workout together at the gym followed by dinner out, enroll in a couples cooking class. Treat the occasion like an “important business meeting,” making it a top priority.
  9. Apply the “3-Compliments System” daily. It’s easy to find things “wrong” with each other. Do the opposite. 3 times every day, make it a point to tell your spouse/mate something flattering, convey your appreciation, or show admiration. Sprinkle the compliments throughout the day.
  10. Get something sweet for your sweetness. Add a touch of goodness and send cakes in lucknow even though you are not available in the city or out of the state for a business meeting to ensure your lovely spouse is having a jolly time.

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