Mark Strome - The Importance of Being Aware of Leadership Versus Management in Business

Mark Strome – The Importance of Being Aware of Leadership Versus Management in Business


When it comes to business, leaders need to understand the subtle difference between leadership and management. These terms are often used interchangeably; however, they do not infer the same meaning. If you wish to become a business entrepreneur and lead your company to success, it is prudent for you to first understand what leadership and management mean for running a company.

Mark Strome – Leaders versus managers in an organization and their role

Mark Strome is an esteemed entrepreneur and philanthropist in the USA.  He is the Chairman of Strome Investment Management and reputed for his exemplary leadership skills. His peers respect him for his business acumen and success when it comes to interpersonal skills and team management. He says that when it comes to leadership and management, he says there are generally three assumptions between the two. He says that people believe that management and leadership are equal, or they believe both are different from one another. The third assumption that most people have is management and leadership are complementary in nature and helps any business to grow. He says that the third assumption is correct. Both leadership and management have different purposes in any organization, and they need to be in direct relation to one another for success.

Managing business processes in an organized way

He says the manager is in charge of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the business processes in the company. Now, the next question comes to your mind as to whether are all managers leaders? He says that all managers are not leaders, but all leaders can be good managers. The leader plays the core role of inspiring the team and motivating them to achieve the company goals. Managers can become leaders if they don the mantle of inspiring and motivating their teams to attain excellence to fulfill the corporate goals.

Leaders and their skills in the organization

Business leaders can either have innate leadership skills, or they may acquire them during the course of work. The leader needs to take responsibility to encourage the team to perform well and attain all the short and long-term goals of the company. The leader motivates the team and ensures that the business processes are managed well.

Leaders also take responsibility to steer the company when challenges and obstacles block their roads to success. When it comes to challenges, the leader needs to set an example for the team. Mark Strome says that every leader should have a vision and future foresight. He says that leadership skills are not magic pills that can be acquired overnight. If you wish to become a business leader and inspire your company for success, you need to know the skills and have 100% confidence in yourself. This will help you gain followers. A leader earns respect and never demands respect from the team. In order to become a good leader, be prepared to say goodbye to fears. A good leader is brave and has the courage to face any obstacle that comes in the way of the success of the company.

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