Luxor Attractions

Luxor Attractions


Found in Upper Egypt upon the site of the Ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, Luxor is a glance right into the past. The city, usually called the globe’s biggest al fresco gallery, measures up to its track record with a riches of old monoliths, holy places, and also burial places to discover. The River Nile moves with Luxor, separating it right into the contemporary East Bank as well as the god’s acre of the West Bank, and also is crossed by bridge or even more generally by ferryboat. Invest your time roaming the holy place complicateds of Luxor and also Karnak on the eastern coast, obtain shed in the Valley of the Kings in the west, or jump from one financial institution to an additional and also absorb centuries of remarkable background in day tours in luxor.


Locations & Neighborhoods in Luxor

East Bank – Luxor’s East Bank is the modern side of the city, however it’s not without its very own share of old prizes. The Temple of Luxor and also Temple of Karnak, attached by the Avenue of Sphinxes, are 2 of the location’s primary attracts. The Temple of Luxor is famous for its enforcing pillars and also hypostyle hall, while Karnak is referred to as the house of the god Amun as well as includes a spiritual lake loaded by waters from the Nile.

Various other tourist attractions on the East Bank consist of the Luxor Museum, Mummification Museum, and also the El Mekashkesh mosque, the earliest mosque in the city. West Bank – The West Bank is house to a few of Luxor’s most renowned Ancient Egyptian websites. The Valley of the Kings as well as the Valley of the Queens, imperial god’s acres where generations of pharaohs as well as their spouses and also family members were hidden, are a few of one of the most seen websites in Egypt. The West Bank likewise includes the Ramesseum, the Tombs of the Nobles, as well as the renowned Colossi of Memnon, a set of enormous sculptures that secure the entryway to Amenhotep III’s burial place.

What to See in Luxor

With the label of the “globe’s best al fresco gallery,” Luxor has no lack of unbelievable views. From the old holy places of Luxor and also Karnak to the imperial burial places of King Tut and also Queen Nefertari plus galleries describing the lengthy heritage of the area, Luxor is full of one-of-a-kind tourist attractions on both its financial institutionsso you need a luxor travel guide. Absorb a special viewpoint of the West Bank’s marvels by overlooking them in a hot air balloon, or charter a cruise from the East Bank and also drift down the Nile via the city.

During the night, the Karnak Temple revives with a dazzling light show that retells the tales of the pharaohs making use of the holy place itself as a background.

Taking in the sights in Luxor.

Of all the sites in Luxor, the Valley of the Kings is probably one of the most renowned. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the imperial god’s acre is inhabited with 65 old burial places, assumed not every one of them were utilized for interment functions.

The burial place of Tutankhamun, or King Tut, was found in the valley, in addition to the Temple of Hatshepsut, a mortuary holy place committed to Eighteenth empire leader. The close-by Valley of the Queens consists of the burial places of royals like Queen Nefertari, Princess Ahmose, as well as high-level other halves of pharaohs Ramesses I as well as II.

Take the time to discover the damages Deir el-Medina, a town and also World Heritage Site that was as soon as residence to the employees as well as craftsmens that produced the unbelievable burial places in the Valley of the Kings. Back on the East Bank of modern-day Luxor, the Luxor Museum includes a remarkably curated collection of classical times from the Eighteenth empire, the New Kingdom, as well as past. Right here you can see managed antiques and also remedies for pharaoh’s burial places as well as take a stroll via time beginning with the days of the Old Kingdom. At the Mummification Museum, learn more about the old art of mummification detailed as well as see genuine devices that were utilized in Ancient Egypt. Delight in the neighborhood ambience of Luxor too by checking out the souks of Old Market Street or opting for a stroll by the River Nile along the East Bank’s modern-day corniche.

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