Heating Tobacco From IQOS

Lil Solid 2.0 The New Generation Of Gadgets For Heating Tobacco From IQOS


It’s been nearly a year since IQOS introduced Lil SOLID monolithic tobacco heating systems in September 2020. We liked it and reviewed the original Lil. The company also released an upgraded version of Lil SOLID 2.0 in July 2021. This was less than a year after the initial release.

Today, we’ll speak about it.

Let’s first help those who don’t yet know what gadget it is. Lil operates similarly to IQOS. It heats tobacco to 300-350 degrees and does not set it on fire. Tobacco sticks are not burned, they emit tobacco aerosol, which the user inhales.

Let’s now look at the unique characteristics of the Lil SOLID 2.0. You can use as many as 25 sticks per battery, one of the key features of the new SOLID 2.0. This is significantly more than any other system for heating tobacco.

Now, you can use 3 sticks in one row. After the third, your gadget will go into an automatic cooling mode. This mode lasts 3 minutes and 30 seconds. After cooling is complete, you may use the three sticks again.

After you have used the stick, rotate it 3 times more in one direction. Only then can you remove it. This will prevent any tobacco residues from being trapped in the chamber.

Everything remains the same for the sticks. The device can work with sticks from Fiit as well as HEETS. Choose from 17 flavours, including the premium heets dimensions range.

Another interesting feature is the change in heating technology. Induction heating technology was used with a needle to heat the tobacco. This is because there is a metallic winding within the heating needle that generates electromagnetism under the current. And these electromagnetic waves heat the needle’s surface. From a user perspective, the experience is unchanged. However, this technology ensures that the tobacco sticks heat evenly throughout their length.

The connector also has changed. A Type C connector, instead of a micro USB, was installed in the gadget. The battery can be charged at the same rate as its predecessor for approximately 2 hours.

A light indicator is located on the gadget’s only button that indicates how full the battery is. If the indicator glows green, the battery level is 60-100% charged. Cold blue has 30-60% of its charge remaining. Orange – There is less than a 30% charge. If the indicator light goes red, then the battery is dead. It is time for you to charge the gadget.

What else do you need to add? The new version for Lil Solid simplifies cap removal. The stick chamber cover and lid have been merged into one. It is now possible to remove the cover and stick the chamber cap together, making it much easier to use and clean the gadget.

Let’s not forget about cleaning. There have been many changes. The cleaning brush is now dual-sided. It is now shaped like a spatula to clean heating elements. It acts as a brush, cleaning the stick chamber.

The weight also has changed. The new generation is slightly heavier, with Lil now weighing in at 99 gr. Instead of the previous 84 grams, the new generation weighs in at 99 gr. Most likely the battery’s larger capacity has caused weight increases. Other improvements might have had an impact

Lee’s left side has a removable magnet panel. If you damage the panel or wish to make it more special with the bright colour, you can easily replace it.

The device was available in two colours, black and blue. The choice isn’t great but you can overlook it due to its pleasant design, soft touch coating, and outstanding technical characteristics.

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