Set Up a Coffee Bar

How To Set Up a Coffee Bar in Your Home


If you are a big coffee lover and wish to elevate your morning routine, you have stopped at the right place. The process of creating a delicious cup of coffee in the morning is just as entertaining and pleasant as actually drinking it. Whether you have a spare corner in your kitchen or a movable cart, creating a coffee dedicated space should not be expensive or taking up too much space. What’s more, having this separate coffee corner could highly increase your whole kitchen look, making it much more chic and customised. Not only that, but you will most definitely save a lot of money from overpriced coffees in cute coffee shops now that you create the cute coffee shop energy in the comfort of your own house.

Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled some ideas on how to set up your coffee corner at home while being mindful of how much space it takes up, how expensive it will turn out to be and whether it is practical enough for you to enjoy daily.

1. Find the Ideal Placement

Choosing the perfect location for your coffee dedicated space can pose a challenge at first, which is why there are few things you should consider before you set your mind on a specific place. Whether you have a spare corner on your kitchen countertop, an empty cabinet or a moving cart, you must make sure there is an electrical outlet close by in order to plug in your appliances. You could have a coffee machine, a milk frother or a kettle so it is essential to have access to some outlets. A portable coffee cart is a really chicidea and you can always place it next to some outlets for your convenience. Therefore, not only should you find the perfect location that will work for you but you must also have functionality in mind.

2. Stock Up On Essentials

Now that you have chosen your ideal location, it’s time to stock it up with everything you will need. That includes but is not limited to mugs, spoons, storage for coffee pods, sugar, syrups, extras like cinnamon and chocolate powder as well as any other coffee making alternatives to a coffee machine. Positioning them smartly is important as you want to have easy access to everything while also making it look organised and stylish. Investing in matching jars with customised labels will benefit massively the aesthetics of your coffee corner. What’s more, using hooks for mugs could not only create a cool rustic vibe but it will save you loads of storing space as well.

3. Add Breakfast Goods

Having coffee on an empty stomach could bring you many problems and seriously disrupt your normal cortisol function. Even though most people are aware of that fact, more often than not they would still skip breakfast and replace it with a cup of coffee. Sometimes simply the idea that you have to prepare breakfast before you have had your morning cup of coffee to wake you up is what stops the majority of people. That is why a simple solution is to add some quick, small breakfast items which do not require additional cooking or extended preparation time. Biscuits, toast, healthy bars could all be part of your coffee corner, letting you have a little breakfast snack just before you have your coffee.

4. Decorate with Intention

You could really get creative here with the decoration and finishing touches of your coffee bar. Beauty really is in the details so making sure you have the right décor pieces which complement each other is vital. What you could add is some houseplants or flower arrangements for a colour pop, wall art, a chalkboard for daily inspirational quotes or anything that you would put if you had a coffee shop yourself. Choosing items that fit the style you have opted for is also really important as you do not want to mix a boho style with a classic French style, now do you? Adding candles or essential oil diffusers could significantly improve your morning coffee experience as aromas tend to soothe the mind and body.

With coffee taking such a necessary part of our everyday lives, creating a dedicated space for it in your home is almost essential nowadays. It is not an impossible task to complete, all you will need is some creativity and time on your hands. It will instantly add value to your house whilst also making your life much better than it used to be. Elevating your morning coffee routine will be the best decision you have made recently, we can guarantee that for you.

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