How to avoid damage to your washer?

How to avoid damage to your washer?


Have you some dirty clothes? Don’t worry, wash them in your washing machine. Are you running late for some important work because of wet clothes? Don’t worry, dry them in the dryer. Washing machines help us in every possible way to clean our clothes. They make our work a lot easier and save a lot of time. However, if we do not take care of them, they will be demanding repair soon.

If we use them roughly, they will soon be damaged or broken down because of our ignorance. Occasional cleaning and maintenance of the washing machine can save you a lot of money. Well-maintained appliances can work more efficiently. Appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators can work without breaking down for 10 years to 15 years with good maintenance.

Most of us do not even care about cleaning them at least once a month. However, when they break down, they cost us a good amount of money. Spending 2 hours a month is better than spending dollars every month on the repair. There are some common reasons that your washer breaks down. We should always keep them in mind and clean our washer occasionally.

Apart from cleaning, here are some other reasons that you should keep in mind while using washer:

  1. Unwanted objects: When we wash our jeans or other clothes with pockets, sometimes, we forget that we have kept some coins or other metal objects in our pockets, which can damage the washer door or inside of the washer. Whenever we are going to wash clothes, especially jeans, always check all the pockets and empty the pockets because these can damage your washer door rubber or washer drum. Better being cautious than spending unwanted money.
  2. Stuffing the washer with clothes: Sometimes when we are in a hurry and have a bucket full of clothes to wash then we try to wash all of them at once. We stuff them all in the washer thus exceeding the load limit. Doing this can result in your washer to break down and spinner can be damaged badly, which would later need a professional from a washer repair service to replace it.
  3. The uneven base of the washer: This is another big reason for our washer to break down or get damaged. This uneven base can affect spinner and the load to shift the position left or right, which can damage the machinery. If you noticed some noise that is not common during the washer cycle then consider checking the base of the washer for a possible explanation of noise. If the base is uneven or one side is not sitting on a flat surface, make it even or keep your washing machine on a wooden base. Fix it before using it again. This small problem can damage your washer dearly.
  4. Not using proper settings: We sometimes ignore the washer settings and wash all our clothes in the same setting, which is not a good idea. Not all clothes can be washed in the same way. Some clothes need different settings than you normally use for washing. This is one of the main reasons for your washer being damaged and you should call a professional for washer repair service. Try consulting washing manual and tags on clothes to know the proper washing setting.
  5. The high amount of detergent and bleach: When washing clothes that are a lot dirtier than normal, we think that we should use more detergent than normal, which is not right. Detergent can be harmful to your clothes and washer too. They can create a thick wall on the spinner and result in blockage. Consider washing those clothes two or three cycles rather than using a higher amount of detergent.
  6. Using faulty energy sources or damaged wires: Most of our modern washing machines run on electricity. Thus, it is essential that we check the electricity source for where we plugged our washer. Because if electricity constantly keeps fluctuating high and low,  it can damage your washer, which will later cost plenty of money to repair it or replace the parts. 

Also, check the socket in which your washer is plugged-in, and wires of your washer to make sure they are fine and not torn or exposed from anywhere. Not only damaged wires can result in you getting shocked but they can also damage the wiring of your washer.

Bottom Line

There are some common reasons your washer can get damaged or breaks down. If we do not periodically diagnose the washing machine or clean it then we must be ready to spend money on either repair or replacing it. You should get familiar with the washing manual once you buy a new washing machine. You need to understand how it works and what kind of settings you should use for different clothes. Not following these guidelines can not only damage your clothes but also damage your washing machine dearly.

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