Flowers – The Art Of Presenting Happiness


Flowers are one of the finest things bestowed upon the human race by mother nature. They are one the most beautiful, visually appealing, and naturally fragrant parts of a plant. Presenting flowers to people has been one the most popular part of any culture around the globe. Flowers symbolize emotions, love, respect, and affection and are always appropriate for brightening someone’s day. A fresh bunch of blooms is suitable for any occasion. The flowers are arranged in bouquets, the vibrant colors, the soothing fragrance, and the blooming petals all work together to convey multiple messages.

The significant reason for presenting and sending flowers to people living in any corner of the world is that the flowers are to connect with emotions. The feelings of love, joy, affection, appreciation, sympathy, romance, or apologies can be easily conveyed with flowers in a sophisticated and elegant manner. In a generic sense, flowers symbolize love and care. For instance, people living abroad send flowersPakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and many such countries to their dear ones on happy occasions to show their love and care.

There are many such occasions where flowers are sent to people to show concern and present a token of affection. They are as follows: 

  • Festivals –

festive days are incomplete without flowers. Days like Diwali, Easter, Eid, and Christmas are some of the festivals where flowers are essential. Various colors and patterns, red, white, yellow, or green, are always great for sharing the happiness and joy of the festive seasons. People often show their presence and care through online mediums to their dear ones.

  • Wedding Anniversary –

regardless of the size, the flowers are always unique and symbolize gratitude, love, and care for each other. The couple often gets bouquets that brighten the occasion and joy. Besides this, the couple also exchange flowers between themselves as it is believed that the bond of love and romance should bloom like flowers.

  • Achievements –

personal achievements like promotions, winning positions, getting toppers’ rank, and completing graduation, are all sorts of moments where flowers are presented as a token of congratulations to encourage and appreciate the achiever for their win. Also, this provides a sense of satisfaction and recognition and makes the achievement more special.

  • Blooms for Birthday –

birthdays are almost always incomplete without flowers. They must brighten up the spirits and grace the occasion with the vibrance of colors and the soothing fragrance of flowers. The bouquets are chosen based on the recipient’s favorite blossoms or those that symbolize an aspect of your relationship with the person. Pink carnations, jasmine, roses, and many more can be chosen.

  • Mothers’ Day –

is a special day to greet your mothers with flowers and chocolates to show love and affection and thank her for always being there for her children. Roses, lilies, orchids, or one can consider giving her a spring bouquet with mixed blooms. Children who live far away, for instance, in the US, UK, or UAE, often send birthday gifts to India or send flowers in Pakistan or other countries where their mothers reside to show their gratitude.

Thus, flowers are always one of the most convenient and affordable ways to show concern in a sophisticated and elegant manner.

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