Do Cannabis Products Expire?


products. Considering that many of these products are now mainstream, cannabis manufacturers want to ensure that consumers use them well for the best effects. There are many forms of cannabis and even as you continue taking your preference, ensure you are taking a product that is yet to expire. Otherwise, you will not feel the effects.

Factors Contributing To Shelf Life

How long these products last will depend on the following:

  • Storage: Research has shown that direct light and heat can hasten the degradation of CBD and CBN products. To ensure that your product remains fresh and potent, store it in a cool place.
  • Packaging: Have you ever noticed that most CBD and CBN oils, tinctures, and capsules are in amber bottles? This is not just for looks. Such packaging protects the contents inside from sunlight exposure.
  • Quality: Quality CBD products will last longer. Quality is determined by things like the quality of the plant, growing conditions, and other added ingredients.
  • Extraction Process: The right extraction method will maximize cannabinoid levels and ensure the compounds are stable.
  • Ingredients: Other ingredients added to cannabis products like flavoring matter. Such ingredients also have a shelf life that can affect how long the product will last.

How Long Can Cannabis Products Last

As long as they are stored well, cannabis products can stay fresh, potent, and safe for months to a year.

  • Concentrates such as dabs and waxes stay potent for several months, while oils can last more than a year as long as they are stored away from heat and light.
  • Topicals often last longer (up to a year) as long as they are stored properly.
  • Edibles have a shorter shelf life, majorly because of other food ingredients they contain, such as wheat. Before consuming edibles, read the guidelines carefully.
  • Dried cannabis can remain potent for 6 to 12 months.

To enjoy the effects of cannabis, always ensure you are buying fresh products. Also, store them properly to ensure that the ingredients do not degrade, rendering the products ineffective.

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