Can Fine Jewellery Be A Gift for Man

Can Fine Jewellery Be A Gift for Man?


There are zillion options when it comes to fine jewellery for women. From traditional to modern and corporate to style statement, there is a jewellery for every purpose and persona in women. But for a long-time fine jewellery gifting range for men started and ended on watches. This was until recently over a decade the men’s jewellery category has opened a whole new spectrum. Today along with women’s jewellery, you can find equally attractive options for your male counterparts. But has this made the task of selecting a fine jewellery piece as a gift for your man any easier? No, in fact the it has now become difficult to choose from a wide range of options. Thus. leaving you wondering, what will he like?

Well, just like gifting for women, gifting for men too has to start with the question ‘what kind of man is he’? This means what are his preferences and tastes regarding personal style and jewellery. The fine jewellery you choose for him should be something he can wear anytime anywhere. And this will happen only if the jewellery complements his personal style quotient. For example, if he is into physical-demanding field then a sturdy metal must be your priority. Also, a design with too much embellishments can be uncomfortable to wear hence go for a simple and rigid pattern. Similarly, if he has office job then a jewellery to blingy or jazzy might not fit the purpose. In that case, make sure you choose a simple and elegant design.

If you are on a lookout for gifting a jewellery for the special man in your life here are some classic options.

Rings – Be it plain or intricate, rings are always a good idea to gift since the very beginning. You can choose a ring crafted out of various materials like gold, silver, white gold, etc. and choose diamond or other precious and semi-precious gemstones for embellishments. Mens diamond rings make a perfect option as it carries an elegant appearance and simplistic approach. Apart from this, platinum bands make a good choice if you want to go for a matching jewellery for yourself and your counterpart.  

Bracelets – Bracelets have been second most popular jewellery pattern in men’s style. A thick chain with either engraved or plain metal plate in centre is the most common style of bracelets you will find in men. You can also go for his favourite gemstone or birthstone to be placed as the embellishment to the bracelet. 

Necklaces – A gold chain with pendant has been very popular necklace type in men’s fashion. The pendants preferred by men for necklaces are usually religious, birthstone, favourite gemstone or initial of their name. Yellow gold is the most favoured metal in men’s necklace. 

 Diamond jewellery is highly popular amongst women. But does this remain same for men? The answer is yes. Be it men’s diamond rings, diamond studded bracelets or any other piece of jewellery, the dazzling diamonds make a great choice. Remember whichever jewellery piece you choose for your man, the key to choose the right jewellery is keep the comfort, resizing and his personal style quotient in mind while deciding. 


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