Business Email Security: Safeguarding Your Small Business

375 ViewsIn today’s digital era, email is a cornerstone of communication for businesses, both large and small. However, with the convenience of email communication comes the increasing threat of cyberattacks and data breaches. Small businesses, often viewed as attractive targets by cybercriminals, must prioritize robust email security measures to protect sensitive information and maintain the […]

Demystifying Tax Preparation: A Beginner’s Guide

92 ViewsFor beginners, tax preparation can be a frightening and complex undertaking. Wading through a sea of documents, deadlines, and financial language might be daunting. On the other hand, expertise and coping with taxes are vital aspects of monetary obligation. This article aims to demystify the tax preparation method by imparting a beginner’s manual to […]

Nearshore Software Development in a Post-Pandemic World: Lessons Learned and Future Outlook

589 ViewsThe nearshore software development industry has witnessed significant growth and transformation over the past decade. The business model involves outsourcing software development projects to nearby countries or regions, typically sharing a similar time zone or geographical proximity. This approach has gained traction due to its numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, cultural affinity, and easier collaboration. […]

A Comprehensive Guide to IRCTC Agent ID Registration Fees and Other Associated Charges

85 ViewsIf you’re interested in becoming an agent for IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) and offering railway ticket booking services to customers, it’s essential to understand the registration fees and other charges involved. Being an IRCTC agent can be a business opportunity. It requires a good grasp of the registration process and associated […]

Earn Your Doctorate Title Easily By Following These 7 Basic Steps

73 ViewsA professional doctoral degree is undoubtedly the highest educational accomplishment one can get. Depending on your institution of choice, the arrangement you have for the completion of your doctorate. While there might be several differences across several programs, there are still a few common stages that all professional doctorate students need to go through. […]

Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Invested Billions of Dollars in AI Startups and Started Reaping the Benefits

1,502 ViewsTech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have invested several billion dollars in AI startups. They have also charged a similar amount to fledgling companies for using their cloud platforms. The big tech companies are the largest backers of AI startups, a move that sidelines venture capitalists. AI startups receive funds to train advanced […]