Portable Air conditioner

All you need to know about Portable Air conditioner



A portable air conditioner works like any other air conditioner, like a central air conditioning system. It helps in cooling the temperature of the room with the help of a hose. Generally, air conditioners are installed in walls and windows and are permanent in nature, so they cannot be moved from one room to another. But portable air conditioners solve this problem because they can be easily moved from one place to another. The portable air conditioner’s size, height, and breadth are within a metre and contain small tyres which make it easier to move the air conditioner. There are various factors that an individual should keep in mind before buying a portable air conditioner. A portable air conditioner has both pros and cons. This article provides a general overview of the basic understanding of the portable air conditioner.

Advantages of Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners, just like other air conditioners, provide cool air in the room by transferring the hot air outside the room. It provides a sense of relief and comfort to the people. They are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for renters and those who do not have permission to install an air conditioner in the walls or windows. A professional is not required to install a portable air conditioner. They are ready to use when they are out of the box. Portable air conditioners do not block the view of the window as they don’t carry much space. A portable air conditioner is the best choice if an individual wants to cool only one room. It is a cost-effective option because it saves an individual from installation costs and electricity bills.

The Drawbacks of Portable Air Conditioners

As we all know, each thing has its own benefits and drawbacks. A portable air conditioner is a well-suited choice for people who live in rented houses. It is to be noted that portable air conditioners are less effective and efficient than central air conditioning systems. A portable air conditioner can only be used as a substitute, but generally it is not a primary choice for an individual. Portable air conditioners consume more electricity as the heat they absorb will be dispersed in the room and not outside the room. It also creates noise, which may cause irritation to the individual as all the set up of the portable air conditioner is in one place. There are many individuals who say that portable air conditioners are not as convenient to move from one room to another.


Portable air conditioners are those which can be easily moved from one place to another. Portable air conditioners are fit to be used 24*7 and are a cost-friendly option. A portable air conditioner has both pros and cons. It is the best choice for an individual who lives in a rented house. A portable air conditioner does not block the view and light of the window as it is small in size. Apart from its benefits, there are some limitations to portable air conditioners, like their consuming more electricity and being less efficient.

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