A step by step guide to avail Haulage services from Cogoport

A step by step guide to avail Haulage services from Cogoport


Cogoport provides its customers with the best haulage services within the country. Users can send their products from factories to ports without any hassle using the procedures outlined by Cogoport. All this can be done directly in just a few moments from the Cogoport website.

Given below are the steps anyone can follow to obtain Cogoport’s haulage services:

Find instant freight rates for trucks, barges and railways

Cogoport has the largest database of inland forwarders. These are trusted and verified companies that move products to and fro within the country. Customers can make fast and easy queries about these haulers and book them in a minute.

Over 15000 small and medium business enterprises trust Cogoport with finding the best freight rates.

The good thing about the Cogoport haulage services is its unbiased representation of haulage companies. Customers can filter out the companies based on prices, delivery dates, accuracy, safety, and other service labels.

Not only does this allow companies to get the best services within the country it also keeps the price rate sharp.

Importance of time while choosing a service

Delivery of the product at the right time is a necessary attribute of the haulage services. This is only possible if the forwarding company is very professional, experienced, and has a good logistics department.

Cogoport has in its database, top-rated haulage companies be it via trucks, railways, or even barges. Once booked for a delivery these enterprises guarantee delivery at the right time for the right prices.

See all rates and prices at once

This is a unique feature that is very beneficial for Cogoport customers. The users can easily check all the costs necessary for the transport of the products. These include the taxes, the different duties, and all other costs. These are properly labelled and assembled for the convenience of users.

Such clear payment plans keep the customers in the loop and help them make informed decisions.

Cogoport also allows up to 30 days of credit on its services so that growing businesses can pay only after their products have been successfully delivered.

Truly hassle-free delivery

The firm has an experienced workforce that is truly adept at managing haulage services. Once the booking is done by the customers all the intermediate calls and message relays are handled by Cogoport.

By efficiently managing the whole system the company provides customers with the best services within the country.

Track the whole process

Another major advantage of haulage services from Cogoport is its unique tracking ability. The users get options to track the whole transport and delivery process directly from their phones.

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Customers are always the first to be updated about all the major checkpoints like pickup, transit and delivery locations as the package travels throughout the country. The firm gives relevant and correct information so that proper steps can be taken so that the package arrives on time.

Thus booking a haulage service from Cogoport is an easy and time-saving task. The whole process takes a few minutes and saves money giving companies the best possible results.

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With proper monitoring and a wide network connecting different parts of the country, Cogoport has developed an elaborate system of trusted freight haulers, be it truck haulers or railway haulers in both public and private.

Customers can feel secured about the goods reaching their destination with the firms after booking services. Unlike other sites, Cogoport does not only limit itself to the booking of services but also ensures that with the help of its highly experienced workforce, customers get to enjoy all the benefits and ease of access while their goods get transported.

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