Ways to Use Your Brother for a Good Laugh

6 Ways to Use Your Brother for a Good Laugh


When two people are under one roof, a lot of great things happen. There may be minor disagreements, but they will always be forgiven in the end. Both parties have something to learn from each other and uniting the energies of different people can bring a lot of positive results. Love quotes for brothers are powerful at these times when family ties need to become stronger than ever.

Tell him you know what he did.

This one is classic. Just casually drop into conversation that you know what he did, and it will make him squirm for hours. You can use this technique at work or at home; just make sure your brother doesn’t think you’re serious.

If he’s doing something wrong, like stealing office supplies or money from your family, then let him know that you know what he did. If he asks what exactly you mean, tell him that you’re not going to tell anyone else as long as he stops doing whatever it is he’s doing.

If his bad behavior is something less serious, like forgetting your birthday once again or breaking your favorite necklace while playing basketball with his friends in the driveway, tell him that if he wants to keep his secret safe then he needs to do something nice for you now. Again, make sure not to be too serious about this, or else things could get out of hand quickly.

Bring up an embarrassing memory of his.

Brothers have tons of embarrassing moments from their childhood that they would rather forget. But if you’re looking for something funny, bring up one of those memories and see how long it takes your brother to start laughing along with you as well.

Confess something he is sure to disapprove of.

When my brother came out as gay, I thought it was hilarious that he had waited until he was almost 40 years old before coming out. He was so shocked and upset when I told him my opinion that it made me laugh for days.

Your brother will probably be upset with you if you tell him that you have been smoking weed. He will be even more upset if he finds out that his little sister has been sneaking out at night to meet up with her boyfriend for a quick cigarette. If you are really honest and confess everything, your brother will likely end up laughing about it and realize that it’s not a big deal at all.

Do something gross and laugh about it.

I can’t think of a better way to break the ice than by doing something weird, funny, or gross. I love making my brothers laugh, especially when we’re in public or around other people.

For example, one time we were at an amusement park and took a ride on a roller coaster that goes upside-down multiple times. Afterward, my younger brother said his stomach hurt from laughing so much during the ride. He was so embarrassed that he couldn’t even stand up straight for a few minutes afterward. It was hilarious.

Make your parents laugh at him.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If your older brother has a girlfriend or boyfriend, then use that person as an opportunity to make fun of him or her. Make fun of them in front of the entire family so everyone can join in on the laughter. It’s sure to surprise him or her, but also embarrass them too

Plant something on him.

If you have an older brother, then you know that he has most likely planted something on you at least once in his life. It’s time for revenge. Find a way to plant something on him and make sure that he doesn’t notice until after the fact so he doesn’t realize what happened until it’s too late.

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