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6 Easy Tips to Hire the Perfect Wall Painter in 2024


You need to be strategic when you are hiring professional painters to give your home a makeover this year. The last thing you need is wall painters who are cutting corners and not doing justice to the creative vision you have for your dream abode.

This is why it is pivotal that you have a plan before you start interviewing potential painters for your home painting project in 2024. Are you hiring a professional painter for the first time and don’t know what to expect and look for?

Fret not, we have brought to you 6 effective tips that will help you find the perfect wall painter in Pune, Mumbai or any other major cities in India.

Ask for Referrals in Your Social Circle

Ask your friends, family and neighbours for recommendations of wall painters in Delhi. If a neighbour or friend of yours has recently refreshed their space and you loved the painting work, don’t shy away from asking them about their painting contractor and whether they were happy with his service.

Get at Least Three Quotes

Painting your home is a costly affair and hence you must take your own time to research and find a skilled wall painter who understands how you want your home design to turn out to be. We recommend that you interview at least five wall painters and interview them thoroughly.

You can then narrow down three top painters and ask them to give you a detailed quote. This process might seem time-consuming but it will ensure that you hire someone who is aligned with what you expect out of your home renovation project.

Hire a Detail-Oriented Painting Contractor

You must always look for a painting contractor who does more than what is expected from him. What we mean by this is that you must hire someone who cares about how your house will look after the home refreshing process.

When you call the painting contractors for a site visit, notice if they are going out of their way and suggesting useful repair work that will help to upgrade your home for the better.

Ask for a Written Proposal

If a painting contractor is writing his quote on a piece of paper, then you must run for the hills. It is critical that you hire someone who is serious about his job and will offer you a detailed written proposal.

The painting proposal should include every minute detail that you must know as a homeowner such as the paint brand, and number of workers to repair work, touch-ups, etc.

Read Customer Reviews

Don’t hesitate to ask for a portfolio from the painting contractors that you interview. Through their portfolio, you will get a better understanding of the kind of work they have expertise in and what you can expect if you hire them to refresh your living space.

Assess Experience Level

Ask for every relevant detail that you can think of when you interview painting contractors. Find out more about their training background, education, years of experience and skill sets.

You must also enquire about whether they have a valid licence and insurance for the wall painters who work under them. Knowing all these details helps in hiring a competent painting contractor who will transform your living space.

The Bottom Line

Looking for a credible wall painter in Pune or Delhi? Now, put an end to your hunt for a wall painter in Delhi, Pune and other major cities in India by choosing AapkaPainter to do up your space in 2024. Their expert painters will ensure that you have a fuss-free and fulfilling home painting experience.

Whether you are confused about which colour palette to use for your home interior, want to waterproof your basement or introduce wall texture designs into your home decor, they do them all and more!

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