Pregnant with Twins

5 Care Tips If You Are Pregnant with Twins


Being pregnant with twins is highly exciting news. But twins don’t mean twice the worry. While you take care of things like pregnancy diet that are in your control, your doctor will monitor you for any pregnancy-related risks that you can’t predict. If you have risks like hypertension or preterm labour, the doctor will guide you accordingly. No matter what type of twin pregnancy you have, here are 5 care tips that you can follow for yourself and your unborn babies.

1. Eat Healthy and Eat for Three

When you are pregnant with twins, you can need up to 600 calories daily. That doesn’t mean you’ll resort to junk food. Try to have 5-7 servings of vegetables and fruits every day. Lean protein is also important to avoid hypoglycemia and maintain your sugar levels. Iron and folic acid supplements together with prenatal vitamins can be beneficial additions to your pregnancy diet. If you have a normal BMI (body mass index), it’s safe to gain weight of 16-26 kg.

2. Stay as Active as Possible

Remaining active can help your body avoid joint and back aches and maintain good functionality. Gentle exercises like yoga can also make you ready for labour by toning your muscles. Remaining active can also help lower the risk of developing gestational diabetes which happens when the placenta secretes hormones that lead to insulin resistance. Even if you are recommended partial bed rest, ask your healthcare provider whether you can do pilates and yoga to avoid body aches and keep your muscles toned.

3. Get All the Help You Need

You should take help from anyone who offers it when you are pregnant, especially with twins. Consider all the tasks with which you need help. They can be doing the dishes, laundry work, preparing food and more. If your mother wants to stay with you to help you, you can benefit a lot from that and even get much-needed emotional support during this time. If possible, consider hiring a housekeeper for the initial few months postpartum to have more time for your little ones.

4. Lay Down on Your Side

Usually, from the 20th week of your pregnancy, it’s recommended to begin to sleep on your side. However, when you are expecting twins, it’s better to sleep on your side from the 16th week. Your growing womb can compress blood vessels, obstructing blood flow back to the heart. This can cause weakness, dizziness or more swelling than usual. In that case, consider buying compression stockings.

5. Look for Professional Care

You can hire a nurse trained to care for pregnant women. Plus, you should make sure to regularly visit the doctor to discuss your mental and physical state and ask for guidance tailored to your condition. You should also go for prenatal tests to detect any pregnancy-related risks in time.

Almost 90% of twin pregnancies healthily cross 32 weeks and lead to the delivery of healthy babies. Just take care of your pregnancy diet, remain active and follow the other tips to keep yourself and your little ones in the best condition.

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