Earn Your Doctorate Title Easily By Following These 7 Basic Steps

234 ViewsA professional doctoral degree is undoubtedly the highest educational accomplishment one can get. Depending on your institution of choice, the arrangement you have for the completion of your doctorate. While there might be several differences across several programs, there are still a few common stages that all professional doctorate students need to go through. […]

Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Invested Billions of Dollars in AI Startups and Started Reaping the Benefits

1,757 ViewsTech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have invested several billion dollars in AI startups. They have also charged a similar amount to fledgling companies for using their cloud platforms. The big tech companies are the largest backers of AI startups, a move that sidelines venture capitalists. AI startups receive funds to train advanced […]

Why SDP is better than RD-Where should you invest?

180 ViewsWhen it comes to investing in India, investors are often puzzled about the best investment options between SDP (Systematic Deposit Plan) and RD (Recurring Deposit). These are popular investment tools for investors in India, and their popularity has been enhanced further by the convenience of using mobile apps like the Bajaj Finserv app. But […]